About Us




“Fuse” is a movement which aims to unite and showcase the uprising young talent of this generation

Founder: Meagan Rosset is a 23 year old, free spirit who was born and raised in a small town. At the age of 17, she moved to the big city of Toronto, to pursue her love of dance, and graduated with a B.F.A in Dance at York University. Meagan has gained experience in dancing, performing and teaching throughout the city and continues to follow her dreams, passion, heart and intuition through life. She lives for dance, yoga, music, love and laughter. Her open mindedness leaves Meagan always ready for the next step. She will continue her journey with courage, faith and determination.

“As an artist, I know how hard it can be living in a society that is often controlled by business and money. However, I believe that our generation can evolve and prosper if we learn to support one another and work together from each end of the spectrum. If we follow our dreams with persistence, patience and faith, there’s no stopping us! 🙂 In the mean time don’t forget we’re human beings, and we make mistakes. A positive role model of mine always says, mistakes are an opportunity to learn. It’s those learning experiences that keep the journey alive. So don’t be too hard on yourself and don’t compare yourself to others because each path is different. Stay positive, patient, and happy. Follow your dreams and find a balance in life.” Meagan Rosset


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